Events Presentation


Opening Ceremony
Official ceremony held at the opening of the Forum. This event comprises introductory presentations of sponsor companies, as well as a welcome speech from the University and the Organizing Committee.

«Russian people cuisines» festival
The event where participants will have a chance to get acquainted with Russian culture tasting traditional dishes from different corners of our country.


«Career Pathways Fair» Recruitment
The event is aimed at attracting active students to companies. It encloses company presentations, questionnaires and interviews.


Panel discussions
Panel discussions include sponsor companies delivering lectures. On the whole, two lectures devoted to developing of oil and gas field understanding for students are supposed to be delivered.



Seminars and trainings
Training is quite an exciting and interesting event. The atmosphere is usually very friendly and open for discussions during such events. The leader will take the participants to a fascinating and mystic journey to their subconscious mind, full of inexpressible spectacular reality. This will allow participants                                    to travel to the past, but also to feel the present. Strongest emotion and motivation flow, practical advice, thrilling stories and also special practices and                                    secrets of achieving success are awaiting participants with a warm and friendly training atmosphere.


Round Table
The meeting of student organizations is one of the key affairs with focused on discussing the development of cooperation between universities and student chapters of all countries and cities. The leaders and representatives of organizations, sponsor companies as well as professional organization                                      delegates take part in this event.


Case Contest
This event sets a goal of revealing swift strategic thinking and the ability of working efficiently under pressure. It involves solving real company cases in a team for a limited amount of time. Case Contest will take place on the second day of the Forum.


Closing Ceremony
Farewell ceremony with an exceptional entertainment program. After considering the results of the Forum, participants will sign a certain declaration on future collaboration.